Co-artistic Directors: Jacinta Mackey-Graham & Doug Vaughan


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Atlantic Light Theatre returns February 1-4, 2018 with an explosive musical, filled with the glitz and glamour of old New York city.  Guys & Dolls is a beloved Broadway hit and we would love to bring more local businesses along for this wild ride. Join us as a partner and become a part of the Atlantic Light family. Contact us now to find out about our partnership offers.

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Bruce Grant
David Loveys
William Newton
Gerry Beresford

Ed Williams

Andrea Marshall

Atlantic Light Theatre

Atlantic Light Theatre is thrilled to present a distinctly Newfoundland & Labrador story. The original musical A Call to Arms has been in development for more than a decade. Now, re-written with new research and information, the true story of real-life hero Stephen Norris will be on stage at Holy Heart Theatre September 29th and 30th, 2017.  A third show has been added for Sunday October 1st.

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Doug Vaughan and Jacinta Mackey-Graham always dreamed of building their own theatre company. As former educators in the school system, they developed countless artistic productions, working tirelessly to create meaningful musical experiences for their students. With unwavering standards and a commitment to excellence, Doug and Jacinta mentored thousands of students and likely have more than their fair share of former students who are now making a living in the arts. Upon retirement, these former teachers decided they had a lot more they wanted to do.  They wanted to help grow the artistic community.  They wanted to give performers opportunities to shine. They wanted to celebrate this incredible province in which we live by producing art for it and about it.

Doug_Jacinta DUO FINALAtlantic Light Theatre was born when they acquired the rights to Les Miserables in 2014. A coup for an unknown company, Doug and Jacinta had a reputation for excellence and were was no doubt they would produce the Broadway hit brilliantly.  The musical featured the very best of local talent and professional performers who had been brought back ‘home’ to perform the musical. With their combined love of theatre and celebrating local people and culture they searched for the perfect follow-up show. Spamalot was the answer. The quirky Monty Python Broadway hit was an intimidating choice, musically, comedically, even the set was a huge one to build. Presented in 2015, it was a huge hit for the young company, delighting fans with the witty dialogue and clever songs. The following year, the team was at it again. They took on producing the musical Sister Act, starring Dana Parsons was exactly what audiences wanted in dreary February, 2016. Sister Act was funny, witty and just heart-warming enough for you to want to kiss those sweet nuns on stage.

Atlantic Light Theatre most recently produced Billy Elliot, The Musical, (February, 2017) the beloved hit show about a boy who just wants to dance. With messages of love, acceptance and community, Billy Elliot was a huge success, selling out 5 shows! Featuring newcomer Jack Thistle and an incredible cast of talented, beautiful people, we closed this show amidst tears of joy.

Don’t miss their next show – this time one about our home.

A Call To Arms – Holy Heart Theatre, September 29th and 30th, 2017.


Jacinta Mackey-Graham is a careful and passionate Director. This fire-cracker loves nothing more than diving into a piece of theatre to understand its very core. With hundreds of Productions and performances behind her, she is an actor’s dream – letting them have the freedom to explore under her careful hand. With degrees in Music, Music Education and Master’s Degree in Theatre and many of her own performing credits and awards, she is a singer and actor in her own right. With that lens, she approaches production with a fundamental understanding of the stage and the actor’s relationship with the audience.

She has mentored many young people to success in life and theatre, with many former students having been inspired by her love of the Musical genre. Many of those former students have gone on to perform on Broadway and still call to ask her audition advice.


Douglas Vaughan is likely the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Just don’t play a wrong note. Having taught Instrumental Music for more than 30 years, he has perfected the art of leading an Orchestra and can spot an out of tune player from a mile away.

With his background in Musical Direction, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his many collaborations and past Productions. Doug is passionate about this community and creating musical opportunities for the people of this place. Doug led the Orchestra in Atlantic Light Theatre’s Productions of Les Miserables and Spamalot to rave reviews.

A professional Musician in his own right, Doug is a musician with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and has won numerous awards at National and International competitions. With degrees in Music and Music Education and a Masters Degree in Instrumental Conducting from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Doug is allergic to Jacinta’s cats, but somehow all our meetings end up with at least one of them on his lap.